25 - 09 - 2023
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Villas in Rethymno  Villas Fournou Lago
Villas Fournou Lago
2 brand new villas ready for a quality vacation in paradise through out the year.
from 90€
Villas in Rethymno  Villas Panagia
Villas Panagia
The “Triopetra Villas- Panagia” complex consists of 2 luxurious villas 'Dimitris' and 'Kadiani'. Designed exquisitely, both villas have been built to a very high standard and the quality furnishings and facilities provide for a luxurious vacation in this unspoilt area of Southern Crete that can only be described as paradise.
from 90€
Villas in Rethymno  Vederi Estate
Vederi Estate
Three traditional stone villas welcome you through all out the year, located only 6 km from the City of Rethymno and 1 km from the picturesque village of Prines.For all that come to Vederi Estate becomes their second home, their 'jardin sacre'.
from 140€
Villas in Rethymno  Aoritis Villas
Aoritis Villas
Aoritis villas are a perfect choice for those who seek rest and peacefulness...
from 40€
Villas in Rethymno  Villa Stella
Villa Stella
It’s a new building which combines modern and traditional style as well as luxury...
from 70€
Villas in Rethymno  Agios Antonios Villas
Agios Antonios Villas
'Agios Antonios' villas compose the appropriate scenic for you that you need an escape from the routine and the daily problems....
from 90€
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