25 - 09 - 2023
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Daphnis Villas
from 180€ to 240€
Villas in Daphnis Villas

In Crete, at Pyrgos Psilonerou in Platanias, fifteen kilometers west of the city of Chania, and just 200 meters from the sea, is the location of Daphnis Villas.

Chloe, Ioli, Phaedra, and Danae, the four Daphnis Villas, will ensure that your stay in Crete will become, in itself, an unforgettable experience.

Daphnis Villas can be found at a very close distance from the city of Chania, the most beautiful city in Crete. In line, it is located in an ideal spot for being able to easily explore all the sights and beaches of the entire prefecture of Chania, by means of a car.

For the days where you would like simply to rest and enjoy the comforts of Daphnis Villas, the sun and the large pool, the only difficulty that you will face will be to ultimately have to leave.

If you are one who would like to experience the authentic Crete, the Crete of legends and traditions, the Crete of relaxation and civilization, the best place to begin this can be found here.

Daphnis Villas. Where your every day is both unique and special.

Villas in Daphnis Villas
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