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Plaka Village
Plaka is a traditional village with an old well-retained culture, picturesque slip-roads and rocky beaches with sea-caves. The caves of the area amount to 215.

District of Apokoronas is 313 km² lengthening, it is situated on the southeast part of Chania and it is one of its five biggest counties.

It is believed, that “Apokoronas” as a name has its roots in the Byzantine years, and it means “from the crown”, as in those years this area owned to the Byzantine emperors. Some ancient findings also prove that there was a human presence since 8-6000 years bc. There have been found Minoan tombs, many clay pots, ancient remains and 231 caves with high historical and environmental importance too.

Apokoronas village consists of 5 towns (Armenoi, Vamos, Cryonerida, Fre) and one community (Asi Gonia). There are all together 75 villages.

It is quite remarkable the fact that Apokoronas has a very important geographical situation, as it is a “bridge” for Chania city. It connects Chania with the rest districts of Crete. At Apokoronas, also eventuate the northern side of Souda with its cape, Georgioupolis’ bay and Drepanos cape.

The most important part of Apokoronas is covered from one part of the White Mountains, while many rivers come across the village (Kiliaris, Xidias, Vrisanos, Almyros, Delfinas). There are also many gorges such as Diktamos, St. Nicolas’ and that of Asi Gonia.

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