27 - 01 - 2023
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Creta Exclusive Villas
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Βίλες Creta Exclusive Villas

The location is in the middle of the island of Crete which will enable the visitor to visit our very famous sites such as the Palace of Knossos, The Monastery of Arkadi, The Preveli Palm Beach and the old historical town of Rethymno.

In the old historical town the visitor will be able to enjoy a stroll in the various alleys of the Venetian Harbour, the Fortezza which is the fortress build by the Venetians where he will be able to find boutiques, coffee shops, bakery, night life, bars, restaurants and tavernas with Cretan Traditional Cuisine.

The village of Agia Triada is just 10 km from Rethymno town; the area is full of verdant Mediterranean vegetation with olive trees, vineyards and numerous other local plants.

The area is ideal for cycling, walking and trekking through the countryside hills and small canyons that surround the area.
The houses are ideally situated as they are 3 kilometres from the sandy beach of Platanes and the crystal clear waters of the Rethymno gulf.

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