30 - 03 - 2023
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Aoritis Villas
from 40€ to 180€
Villas in Aoritis Villas
The Villas
There are 5 villas named after traditional Cretan names and 3 studios. 3 of them are located out of the village and 2 of them are in the village.
All the rooms are luxuriously furnished in traditional style. All furniture and items that can be found in each villa were collected with great care and attention. Each house constitutes an individual piece of art.
In the common area of each villa there is a fully equipped kitchen with a big fridge, a beautiful fireplace and a WC.

The one-bedroom houses (mezonettes)
Our astonishing and variegated mezonettes, named as ZYGARDELE, RAPI and ATITAMOS, are autonomous one-bedroom houses that can accommodate up to 3/4 individuals.
All rooms are beautifully painted in warm Mediterranean colours.

Aoritis Villas

Every house is a unique piece of art and connected with the surrounding area each guest will feel romantic.
The view from the Villas is magnificent and the fresh air reviving. This is because of the great variety of trees and the small rivers.
Aoritis villas are a perfect choice for those who seek rest and peacefulness.
Villas in Aoritis Villas
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